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Covid Resources

Patient Forms

All forms must be filled out before arriving for your appointment! Please download, fill out, and bring into the office. 

Please read carefully.


Covid Waiver Form

Covid Health Form

Demographic + Consent Form

Massage with Covid protocol
Restorative medical massage logo
Massage with Covid protocol

Protocols and Procedures
Restorative Medical Massage Therapy


While masks are not required here, please respect those who chose to wear one.

Please Note:  You can request your therapist to wear a mask during your session or any additional PPE during your treatment.



Practitioners will have access to handwashing as well as gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while treating patients, this includes but is not limited to masks, hair covers, protective eyewear, and latex-free, powder-free gloves.



All surfaces that a patient may have come in contact with will be disinfected with EPA- certified cleaners and all PPE worn during a treatment session will be properly discarded immediately after each appointment. Cleaning of surfaces will be done with sanitizing wipes, and an EPA-certified germicide solution. A HEPA Air purifier will be running constantly to filter the air in the treatment rooms as well as in the main lobby. All equipment, tools, and bolsters used during a session will be disinfected and sterilized immediately after each appointment.


Patients will be contacted prior to or after their appointment if the therapist has had contact or tested positive for covid.

Please contact the office via phone or email to report if any signs, symptoms, or positive test of COVID-19 have happened prior to or after your appointment.


Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

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