Covid Resources

Patient Forms

All forms must be filled out before arriving for your appointment! Please download, fill out, and bring into the office. 

Please read carefully.

Covid Waiver Form

Covid Health Form

Demographic and Consent Form
NormaTec Consent

Protocols and Procedures

Restorative Medical Massage Therapy


The schedule will be staggered and there must be a 30-minute buffer between appointments. this will ensure that:

- Multiple patients will not be in the office at the same time

- Patients have time to ready themselves to leave

- Practitioners have time to properly clean and disinfect according to CDC, State and OSHA guidelines



Upon entering the office/facility, patients MUST:

- Wear a mask AT ALL TIMES, this includes the during your treatment
- Practice social distancing of 6ft. Cues and placed throughout the office to follow 

- Sanitize your hand when you arrive at the office and after you receive treatment

- Patients will be screened with an infrared no-contact thermometer & pulse oximeter.

Please note: if your temperature is 99.5 or higher or your oxygen level is 93 or below, you will be asked to reschedule for 14 days later 



Patients MUST complete and return the COVID-19/Coronavirus Patient Notice, Acknowledgement and Waiver forms found on our websites.   and/or



Practitioners will have access to handwashing in each room as well as gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while treating patients, this includes but is not limited to masks, hair covers, protective eyewear and latex, powder-free gloves.



All surfaces that a patient may have come in contact with will be disinfected with EPA- certified cleaners and all PPE worn during a treatment session will be properly discarded immediately after each appointment. Cleaning of surfaces will be done with sanitizing wipes, an EPA-certified germicide solution, and a steam mop. A HEPA Air purifier with a heating child of 400F will be running constantly to filter the air in the treatment rooms. UV-C (ULTRAVIOLET) light will be turned on if high-risk exposure is suspected and at the end of each workday. *Ultraviolet lamps have been shown to be successful in destroying Coronaviruses such as SARS.*research on the Ultraviolet light use on COVID-19 has not been established.


All equipment, tools, and bolsters used during a session will be disinfected and sterilized immediately after each appointment.



Payments can be made prior to or at the time of appointment, we will have 2 payment stations set up to maintain social distancing guidelines. Credit cards are the preferred methods of payment but we will accept checks or cash. Massage Packages will also be available for pre-purchasing. 

TIPS can be made via VENMO @RMMT1 or cash, we will have a designated area and container to place it in. 



Additional measures taken during treatments, essential oils that are known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties will be diffused and available to patients to use on top of their masks while in the treatment room.



Patients will be contacted or will contact the office via phone or email to report if any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 have appeared just prior or since their appointment for contact tracing


Thank you for your cooperation and participation.